Video - You changed me,but I hurt you!*Justin Bieber Love*Epi4

Videos DAF CF 75 You changed me,but I hurt you!*Justin Bieber Love*Epi4

You changed me,but I hurt you!*Justin Bieber Love*Epi4

Hey guys, I will be writing the story on this account now. Sorry that I had to change accounts and confuse you! Anyway I want 3 comments for the next one! * in school, with Kelly at her locker* Justin; * comes up to her and hugs her from behind* Hey cutie Kelly: * giggles* Hey Justin: whatcha doing? Kelly: getting books, for english class Justin: ohhh, can I walk you to class Kelly: * smiles* sure Justin: lets go * with the popular group* a/n they were watching them Jordan: he is a better actor then I thought sam: I know right, it really looks like he likes her zach: I dont think he is acting Jordan: of course he is acting, look at her, one word UGLY! * the girls laugh* ashley; so you are all invited to my house today mike: what are going to do there ?? ashley: i dont know, we will think of something matt: i cant go sam: why not matt: I have to do something today after school Jordan: what is it? matt: Me and my partner are going to work on our science project today mike: who is your partner ? matt: kelly the girls: ewwwww zach: you dont have to go matt: yes i do, the project is worth have of my grade jordan; we your loss * they walk away leaving matt alone* matt; we * goes to class* *at lunch with Kelly and her friends* selena: so how was the date/ kelly: it was amazing miley; really?? kelly: ye selena were did he take you ? kelly: movie and dinner miley: we were right * to selena* selena: yep miley: so....... kelly:the movie was ok, but diner was hilarious selena: why ...

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