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Variomatic DAF YA66

Just one more clip of a DAF variomatic doing its magic with the wheels in the air. In the beginning you can see the primary shaft spinning, without the rest of the drivetrain. This was because the box was still in Neutral. You can also observe the forward gear selection (slight movement of lever, accompanied by a rather loud 'clunk') At the end of the clip you can see the rear wheels starting to turn in opposite directions, with a whirring noise from the differential. This should not be. At this car it turned out to be caused by a tight setting on the right drum brake. I make this type of clips as a routine check to see whether the variomatic under diagnosis shifts smoothly. Stepwise, or unequal shifting (difference between left and right belt) are signs of mechanical failure, usually due to lack of oil inside the rear pulley assemblies.

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