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The truck's on fire !

The truck's on fire ! No, not mine. One of Ruttley's B-Doubles had a wheel bearing catch fire on a brand new Western Star. The story I got is that they managed to seperate the truck from the two trailers but everything went up anyway. There were two drivers and they lost all their gear in the fire. This was almost exactly half way between WA Border and Nullarbor Road House. There's no water out here. Nearest fire station is Ceduna over 400 kms away. This happened in South Australia but the WA border was only 60 kms away so the Western Australian state police came out as one lane was blocked and the fire burned all night. I had unloaded down the road and when I rocked up the recovery guys wanted to use my road-train dolly to move the B trailer to the next parking bay as all the axles were burned. The small fires left on the trailers must have been burning for 30 hours but they didn't want to go out. It looks mad towing the trailers still burning but don't worry, we knew what we were doing. It was impossible to completely put the fires out so they were just going to let them burn out by themselves then take them to Adelaide about 1200 kms away, which is the closest large city. We're in the middle of nowhere here, look at the map and Google Earth in "Statistics and Data". Only communication at that point is by satellite phone.

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