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TACT-peace in the middle east (ISRAEL) with translation

peace in the middle east -translation lyrics- There's only one god One god One people One love Peace [Chorus] X2 We need peace in the Middle East Stop this holy war It's a sin to kill, ain't god's will, So tell me what are we dying for? Someone please explain me How haven turned into hell How "shalom" is just the name of a highway interchange I bear my hands high to the god above The reality here turned into a night terror The tears are still dropping and we're moving on, Wars between people that can't see a future, They think they fight for either God or Allah, If they want to fight, they should fight their own urges It's only one square meter, the world's bellybutton The three largest religions in the world come from here And instead of turning it into an earthly paradise, We turn it into a constant battlefield Stop! Enough shooting, let's start listening And transfer the right message to the youth The solution is hidden in one simple world- Salam, Peace, Shalom! It's true! [Chorus] X2 We need peace in the Middle East... 360 I hear mothers cry, all dressed in black, The Taste of trouble, the smell of hopelessness It's a matter of will, eventually everyone knows Nobody wins, and you're looking at the loser in the mirror The field of war are burning in flames WHY ARE OUR STREETS FLOODED WITH TEARS?? "Salam Alekum" to all our brothers from the Islam Peace now? We've been dreaming about it for some time Stop, enough, stop the screening of the film, Let go of the stones ...

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