Video - Super Furry Animals - Mountain People (Glastonbury 1999)

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Super Furry Animals - Mountain People (Glastonbury 1999)

A song that is sadly missing now from SFA setlists. This was always a highlight for me. It used to close their set for a period pre-TMDGAF. In any event, this is a version from the TV coverage of Glastonbury in 1999. I was there! This was the year someone drove a van into the moshpit. Strange. Even for Glastonbury. The live version contains the sample of Ken Nordine's 'Orange' track which was not on the album version, but which had been sampled by the Acid Casuals for an early track. Also, one of their early t-shirts had 'The One That Is Orangely Out Of His Head' lyric on the back. Anyway, I digress. This version does not feature Daf on tipanis as some of their post-Radiator/Ice Hockey Hair gigs did, but is a fantastic version nevertheless. Enjoy!

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