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Siyum Hashas - Daf Yomi Through The Decades

Shown at the 12th Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi on August 1st 2012. Directed by Chananya Kramer Written by Rabbi Nosson Scherman Narrated by Rabbi Paysach Krohn Narration Recorded at GYL Studios Assistance with Historical Content Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein and the staff of the Hamodia Newspaper David Lenik / Better World Productions Ginzuch Kiddush Hashem Rabbi Avrohom N. Perl Archives of Agudath Israel of America and Rabbi Moshe Kolodny Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center Editors Aliza Elman Faigy Lazewnik Chananya Kramer Colorist Andrew Key Special Thanks to Rav Dovid Cohen for the access to his seforim collection Yerachmiel Begun Malka Leah Josephs Rabbi YC Golding Produced by Kolrom Multimedia

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Duration: 11 minutes : 21 seconds
Author: CJ Kramer
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