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Videos DAF 400 Rental car-Leihwagen = VOLVO FH-400

Rental car-Leihwagen = VOLVO FH-400

In fact my truck was still in the shop and need more time to get fixed.. I had to make a trip with Tom's truck an 2008 VOLVO FH with 400HP-Euro5... It has been the first long trip ever driving with the new Volvo engine and the digital Tachograph for me.. And after 2 days I would say: That the truck runs pretty good and silent with 400hp... The engine has now one liter more displacement.. 13 liters instead of 12 as in my truck .. Therefore, he has published more torque at low momentum.. Only the AD-Blue seams to be always empty and I hate that smell.. The digi tacho need more attention then the disk or you will get in trouble pretty fast... I forget to switch to break couple times and was driving to fast all the time but after 2 days running together we was getting friends..LOL

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