Video - PLAYING DAF(frame drumming )

Videos DAF PLAYING DAF(frame drumming )

PLAYING DAF(frame drumming )

Daf navazi(playing daf) by keivan alimohamadi Iranian Kurdish ,pleas just listen to the music and see his skills, don't argue or make racial and offensive comments, such comments will be deleted. thanks about daf or DAP:Its Pahlavi (Persian ancient language) name is dap and daf is arabicized of dap. Some pictures of dap have been found in the paintings to be painted before the birth of Christ. The presence of Persian dap in the stonecutting of Bisotun is really wonderful. (The monuments of Bisotun are situated 25 kilometers from Kermanshah city) Moors introduced Daf and other Middle Eastern musical instruments to Spain and Spanish adapted and promoted Daf and other musical instruments in medieval Europe. In 15th century daf was only used in Sufi ceremonies, Ottomans reintroduced it to Europe in 17th century. The art of daf playing in Iran has reached us by the effort of the Iranian Sufis especially in 20th century the late Sayyed Baha-al-Din Shams Ghorayshi(1872-1947), Ostad Haj Khalifeh Karim Safvati (1919-...), Ostad Haj Khalifeh Mirza Agha Ghosi (1928-...), Mohi-al-Din Bolbolani (1929-...), Sayyed Mohammad Shams Ghorayshi (1930-...) and Masha-Allah Bakhtiyari (1940-...). It is fortunate that daf has been integrated into Persian art music successfully and many young Persian boys and girls have started learning this ancient drum.

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