Video - Pejman Hadadi- Introduction to the Remo Daf

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Pejman Hadadi- Introduction to the Remo Daf

Introduction to the Daf drum is a short demo describing this unique and ancient frame drum dating back to the Sassanid Empire (224 AD - 651 AD) Daf is considered a sacred drum, highly respected among the Sufis in Iran and played in the KHANEGHAH, the place where the sufis gather for their spiritual chanting and rituals. It was later used in other musical genres, especially Persian classical music. Recently Daf has drawn so much attention by music listeners and percussionists around the world. The Daf version being demonstrated in this video is created through a joint project between Remo and Pejman Hadadi. The final structure of this version is a result of many years of experimental effort to achieve the appropriate sound and weight which are the two most important factors on such an instrument. The drum-head is synthetic with a thickness specifically chosen for this diameter with a beautiful print of a natural Goat skin. For further information please visit:



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