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Neu in Berlin

The Online Video Soap "Neu in Berlin" was created by LinguaTV GmbH (Germany) to support students who wished to learn authentic German (DaF) with Online Videos. It is an edutainment format using online videos and games for learning German (as a foreign speaker). Based on a modular structure in a series of subtitled videos the two main characters, German-speaking Katja and Alexander accidently meet one another in Berlin and since Alexander is new to the city, Katje gives him a tour of Berlin. They interact in recognisable situations such as meeting & greeting people, asking for directions, ordering food & beverages, shopping and other daily activities. The videos are supplemented by a series of lessons and games that help learners test their understanding and memory of newly-learned words, spoken and written texts. A few of the games are quizzes, crossword puzzles, but on LinguaTV, the online-video learning content is also embedded in an online community or training platform. With a cross-platform point system, learners can see their overall progress and compare their experiences with other learners. They can also interact through integrated video chat and meet virtually or take a language course in the virtual classroom. The audio-visual content gives the learner interesting impressions from different countries, people and cultures whilst training listening comprehension at the same time.

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