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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, New Composition for Daf No0

Live from the Passionskirche, Berlin, the 19. December 2008. New Composition for Daf No0. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi got the prize for the best newcomer at the international Ruth-Festival in 2003. More information: Mortazavis unique style is characterized by developing new playing techniques and sound effects, which attest to virtuous creativity and keen sensuality. You have to see him live on stage to believe that his compositions are pure solo pieces without technical effects, his sound spectrum is so complex and multilayered. He revolutionized the traditional playing technique. "Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is not only using the traditional Persian percussion instruments Tombak and Daf as rhythmic instruments. But he creates pieces of a melancholic concentration supported by harmonies and multivoiced sound structures, which add an associative structure full of images and narrative dialogues to his compositions."

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