Video - Military Vehicles [Indonesia]: Pacific Technology PT-44 Maesa RanTis MTV (TNI-AD)

Videos DAF 44 Military Vehicles [Indonesia]: Pacific Technology PT-44 Maesa RanTis MTV (TNI-AD)

Military Vehicles [Indonesia]: Pacific Technology PT-44 Maesa RanTis MTV (TNI-AD)

Language of Video Presentation: Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). PT-44 Maesa is a pinnacle of Indonesian technological transfer and production capabilities. The 2.5 Tonne truck is destined to fulfill the needs of military MTV or Medium Tactical Vehicle (in Indonesian: RanTis, short for Kendaraan Taktis) as required by TNI-AD (abbreviation of "Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Darat", English translation: National Military of Indonesia - Ground Force) in the near future. This is to replace various expensive western purpose-built vehicles and highly modified (in-house) Japanese civilian models, thereby slimming down the maintenance requirements as well as standardising the transport platform across the military branches and corps. The truck is completely brand new from the ground up and is purported to be the first locally engineered military vehicle in South East Asia. Though Indonesia has thriving indigenous defense industries through government-owned companies as well as private enterprises, it's generally been content with producing licensed copies or modified versions of existing products using conventional technologies. PT-44 is a new direction in the industry where a South African partnership with the Indonesian firm of Pacific Technology (PT) were formed to fulfill the request of Departemen Pertahanan - Direktorat Teknologi dan Industri (English: Defense Department - Technology and Industry Directorate) for a cheaper, locally developed and produced vehicle. The ...

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