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Mercedes Sprinter - Coolant Loss - Warning Light

Over the last few days whilst driving around in the Sprinter, I have had to keep replenishing the water coolant level in the header tank beneath the bonnet, this video was just such another journey. Everything is fine to begin with, then after 50 miles or so the "Red Low Coolant Warning Light" flickers on and off - eventually staying on full time as the coolant level decreases. Upon inspection under the bonnet, I have looked and checked all the obvious pipes, hoses, clips, Radiator... etc but can't see anything that is obviously causing my problem, well not yet anyway. I intend to keep driving the Sprinter for a while, with my eye on the water temperature gauge and see what happens. If it gets any worse which it should do, Im hoping my problem will become more obvious, thereby allowing me to get it fixed. In the meantime I will continue to keep topping up the coolant level every 200 miles or so. In the meantime please enjoy my road journey... Music: Track 1 - "Violet Shrimp" - Dan-O / Track 2 - "Things that happen" - Rollincut

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