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Man TGA 18 430 stuck in the mud.wmv A truck in troubles! A MAN TGA 18.430 stuck in the mud. Being towed by a crane and a caterpillar scissor lift. The MAN TGA range is specially designed for customer requirements in markets outside the EU where particularly large angles of approach and ground clearances, high ruggedness and load-carrying capacity with overload reserves are in demand. The TGA is designed for use on poor roads and in extreme weather conditions. Engines in the TGA meet the Euro 2 and Euro 3 exhaust-gas requirements. The Euro 2 version of the D20 Common Rail engines deliver between 360 and 400 HP, the Euro 3 version 350 to 430 HP. The spearhead is the D26 Common Rail with a powerful 480 HP - available with Euro 2 or Euro 3 emission standard conformity.

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