Video - LDV 400 Convoy - 8 seats. Splitter - perfect for band for sale

Videos DAF 400 LDV 400 Convoy - 8 seats. Splitter - perfect for band for sale

LDV 400 Convoy - 8 seats. Splitter - perfect for band for sale

Here we have our beloved van that we are selling. Begrudgingly because we need to raise funds to go back into the studio. It is an ex-police Riot Van, and has been looked after very well. It has an MOT until late June of this year but the vehicle does not currently have any tax. It is generally in very good condition, the outside of the van is very good for its age. There are 8 seats in total in the van. 2 in the front. 6 behind, with plenty of space to stand up comfortably. The back of the van is separated with a partition, accessed by the back door. There is ample space for whatever you choose to use it for. We were able to load in a very large rig in there. The van itself drives extremely well and it's automatic transmission. And even with it being petrol we found very economical. We were able to get from North Kent, to Nottingham and back down to Canterbury in ONE tank. Security is very good. Although it does not have an alarm, there are re-inforced locks inside the van for extra security and peace of mind. Nothing, and i mean nothing gets through those locks. For its last MOT we spent a very healthy amount of money on it making sure that everything was tip top. The van will pass it with flying colours in June. Also, a brand new battery was recently put in. Mileage is just over 34000. Sounds so low, but it was used only to transport football thugs from Millwall to Lewisham Police station for years and years, which is a very short round trip. I'd be glad to answer any ...

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