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Kardan Jan. 2010 Interview TapeshTV Part 6

Shakila, the youngest member of her family, was born in the city of Tehran on May 3, Her deep interest in music started revealing itself since she was a child. At the tender age of nine, she was invited to perform on a television show Which eventually brought about the attention of many producers to promote her as a professional singer, which her family disagreed to due to her young age, so she continued her studies and limited her performance to talent competitions and school contests. At the age of fifteen, her deep interest in Persian music and singing encouraged her to study traditional repertoire and "Radif" with Mahmood Karimi. She remained a student of his for some time and at the age of eighteen she decided to move to the United States to continue her studies in the field of Classical Music. Shakila fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional singer in 1990, by releasing her first album "Kami Ba Man Modara Kon". Shakila has been blessed with a heavenly voice and has well described herself and her vision towards life through the poems and lyrics she has chosen to sing. Her unique personality and humble character are well reflected throughout her songs, and her deep insight in Persian poetry is well understood through her work. Shakila sings of God, the values of life, and her country so beautifully and effectively that her music is bound to touch any heart very deep. Her exceptional interest in Rumi has inspired her to sing many of Rumi's poems in the most heart ...

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