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Here We Go Yall Cypher- Haji

cypher response to the Here We Go Y'all Cypher that's goin around. ya i know i wasn't called out but had to do it. the beat was sic. Lyrics: No i wasnt' really invited// but this beat i had to ignite it// blow it up, flames high// im the fire you cant fight it// and i keep on spiitin lyrics// come from everywhere to hear it// but this verse is so hot// you'll get burned if you come near it// if just sayin you should fear it// cuz my verses are fresh// its live and direct// check it im just coming up next// Ghost Rider cuz i leave my trail blazing// they say i am so amazing// and io this rap thing// with or without an occasion// im elemental cuz the bars i drop are fire hot// but this flow is ice and you can find it up in Santas spot// i keep it thin like the wind that comes from within and// i do this thing on the wing straight off the deep end// new generation// and i am the genesis// forget the revelation// cuz i am the nemesis// they be callin me match cuz i light it up with my penmanship// writing lyrics from scratch using just my verbal intelligence and im new to this thing// so i got no one to call// so i'll just keep my beats droppin like// HERE WE GO Y'ALL

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