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Faryad (Master Alizade, Kalhor, and Shajarian) with daf

This song has been originally made by great Persian musicians and vocalist; namely, Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Master Hossein Alizadeh, Master Kayhan Kalhor, Master Homayoun Shajarian. I have attempted to play the song with Daf (Persian traditional Drum). The original song was played in a concert in memory of an earth quick that happened in Bam city (Iran). In doing so I have used Kamancheh (a musical instrument very similar to violin, for more information about it please check the following link: The musician who plays Kamancheh is Master Kalhor, one of my favorite musicians in the world (to see one of his videos I urge you to see the following video where he was wearing red during the performance. The other instruments that are used originally for this piece are, Tar, ad Tombak. The Tar is played by a great master, Hossein Alizadeh. To get more information about them you can check the following. In Case you want to know about the poem (created by Mehdi Akhavan Sales), please refer to the following link: I; unfortunately, was not able to retrieve the English translation of the Lyrics (please send it to me if you have it). However, I was able to get the original Persian Lyrics. The reason for the choice of the color in the video is due to the content of the song itself. In short, the song is about a person whose house was caught on fire, yet none of the neighbours bother to even walk up during the night of fire. The ...

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