Video - DAF FX 430 2001 (eladva, vandut)

Videos DAF DAF FX 430 2001 (eladva, vandut)

DAF FX 430 2001 (eladva, vandut)

DAF XF 430 in a very good condition as you can watch in this video, it is a truck from 2001 whit 961108 km (597204 miles) whit the price of 12000 euro NET. it is registered in Romania. DAF XF 430 intro conditie forte buna ce si se vede in acest video, este un cap tractor din 2001 cu 961108 km la bord reali, cu pretu de 12000 euro NET, este inmatriculat in Romania DAF XF 430 kivalo allapotba ami latszik is ebben a videoban, ez egy 2001 kiadasu vonatto es 961108 km futott, mindossze 12000 euro NETTO, es Romaniaba van forgalomba helyezve.

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