Video - DAF - Der Mussolini (The Power cover 2012)

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DAF - Der Mussolini (The Power cover 2012)

free download: The Power was formed to a band as a result of a long old acquaintance, a late-night chat and a non-existent coincidence... Members are: - Robert Batta (Suta) has been the producer of bands since the 90s, like Liquid Limbs, Skyland and Hardrox - Tibor Rakos (Rez) former guitar player of II. Ukrán Front punk band, present lead singer and song writer of the progressive music band Eclipse Growing up in the eighties and nineties electro-pop, new wave, post-punk tendencies, after many decades of experience united for the aim of creating an exciting crossover, which tries to recall and redefine a sort of non-existent old feeling in the present.

DAF, The Power, EBM, electronic music, 2012



Duration: 3 minutes : 56 seconds
Author: skysuta
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