Video - Combined harvester adventure at Westmill (wind) Farm, noisy

Videos DAF 46 Combined harvester adventure at Westmill (wind) Farm, noisy

Combined harvester adventure at Westmill (wind) Farm, noisy

We take a ride on a huge noisy industrial monster, whilst the wind generators turn quietly in the background. Combining rocks ) These great industrial giants of the fields have often fascinated me, so I wasn't going to turn down the chance of a ride on the foot plate of one farming near the Westmill wind Farm on the Oxfordshire border near Swindon. The transmission is a combination of hydraulics and belts with variable running diameter to allow speed adjustment, the Daf/Volvo variomatic motor car worked on the same principal, in fact, one of the belts used in the transmission is a Daf item -I think it's the one used to drive the high speed separator fan. The shot of the wind turbine at the end was taken with my back rested against the tower of another turbine turning over my head which you can just hear. Google 'Daf Car' for more on variomatic transmissions. If you like the video, rate it -Enjoy!

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