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Armenian instrument Tar player Alexander Sahakyan

Alexander Sahakian, born oct.23 1987. After graduating from High school he entered Yerevan State University (Faculty of eastern languages, Arab department). Alexander has graduated bachelors degree with hight honers Graduated and now he is a first year student in his masters program. Alexander has a wide range of interests; he likes languages, history, sports and music. Since early childhood he played chess and in 2003 he won Yerevan juniors competition. 4 years ago he started to play tar and everything became secondary for him. His musical education and talents are inherited from his father Hovik Sahakian, who is a professional musician/teacher, plays tar, duduk, saz, ud, kiamancha. Although Alexander has only played for past 4 years he actively participates in concerts and festivals, tours around Armenia. His concert performances always attract great audience attention and often make people cry. In 2007 during the Yerevan State annual Competition of folk instrumental music he won the first prize. In 2008 received a special award during the Folk song and dance Festival dedicated to the 75 annivercery of Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction. His last achievement is that he was invited to work with Sayat-Nova folk music ensemble.

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