Video - [32][Rojhat & Rewsen] Best of kurdish music

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[32][Rojhat & Rewsen] Best of kurdish music

Singers: Rojhat and Rewsen Song: Çiyaye Dersim (Dersim Mountain). A klip I uploaded 2 years ago in my old channel, which was hacked my turkish authorities (I had more than 20 videos which were finally deleted). In fact, I'm in Youtube since 4 years ago. Turkish Governement realized that it was so difficult to hack kurdish Youtube accounts one per one. It was easier to approve a resolution in the Parliament to forbid Youtube Website in Turkey. I re-upload this video, because Rojhat and Rewsen are really a nice and amusing couple. They are singing an ode to Dersim Province (in turkish, re-named to "Tunceli"), which is the most occidental/western province of North Kurdistan (Turkey). That "Dilan" (kurdish folk dance) with specific dress in the region is, in my opinion, wonderful. If You are a kurd and see the video more than 10 times, You will love it (I have seen it more than 100 times ;-D). Enjoy it, Azad

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