DAF YP-408

DAF YP-408

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The DAF YP408 is a Dutch 6×8 armoured car, with three out of four axles driven by the typical DAFH-drive. It has a 6-litre, 6-cylinder diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox and 2-speed transfer case.

Prototypes were developed in the later 1950s, production took place in the 1960s and YP408s were used until the 1980s.

A few examples are still use by the Polícia Aérea (Portuguese Air Force military police) in the air base security role.[1]


  • YP408-PWI (Gr): Pantserwiel Infanterie Standaard (Groep): Standard version
  • YP408-PWI-s (PC)/Pantserwiel Infanterie Standaard (Pelotonscommando)
  • YP408-PWCO/Pantserwiel Commando
  • YP4OB-PWGWT/Pantserwiel Gewondentransport
  • YP408-PWV/Pantserwiel Vracht
  • YP408-PWMT/Pantserwiel Mortier: Version armed with a 120 mm mortar
  • YP408-PWAT/Pantserwiel Antitank
  • YP408-PWRDR/Pantserwiel Radar

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DAF YP-408
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