DAF 55

DAF 55

Year of production 1967 - 1972

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAF_55

Category: Limousine

The DAF 55 is a small family car produced by the Dutch company DAF from December 1967 to September 1972. At that time it was replaced with the DAF 66.

All 55s featured the unique Variomatic belt-driven continuously variable transmission, with no manual transmission available. This feature of all DAF cars was very unusual for its class at the time.

The 55 was available as a 2-door saloon, a 3-door estate and a 2-door coupe.

In total 164,231 DAF 55s have been built.

The 55 was developed to be a more powerful version of the 1966 DAF 44. The redesign was extensive, and featured the major changes.

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DAF 55
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DAF 55
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